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Criterion Hotel, Quorn, South Australia

Criterion Hotel Leasehold for sale

Leasehold & Business plus sav.

Price only $40,000 plus stock.

Located in this very popular tourist town, the gateway to the Flinders Ranges and home of the Pichi Richi Railway.

Consists of front bar, eight ball room, dining room, four motel units and 17 fire rated upstairs accomodation rooms.

For further details and inspection phone Glen Shipway on 0417 801 659.

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The Hotel was established in 1880 and is popular amongst the locals as well as visitors. The original stables at the back of the house were converted into self-contained Motel Units some years later. You can find us in Quorn, a country town where the first European settlers arrived in the 1850s. Also were Quorns Hotels the setting for many scenes in Australian movies like Galippoli, Sunday too far away, The Shiralee, etc.

Map of Criterion Hotel, Quorn


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